We are happy to know that you are interested in starting a franchisee store of PerDay. Once you get determined and decide to start your own store you will get the freedom of working independently that also with a very high income. We had established our store on 1st Sept 2015 and were able to earn more than Rs 1,25,000/- per month within 1.5 year. You can also achieve the same target within 1.5 year and after that there is no upper limit. We also want you to develop at such height. You will get full guidance and support from us. We have already been running our own stores and providing franchisee in Gujarat. So you will be a part of a huge organisation. Following steps are to be followed for starting the store.


  1. Send request application to director@perday.in
  2. Personal meeting will be fixed at predetermined date at our premises for INTRODUCTORY discussion and form filling for analysis of granting permission.
  3. Decision will be taken by PerDay management whether to grant permission for starting the store or not after analyzing the party and discussing about the premises.
  4. Once the permission is granted you will have to pay Initial Franchisee fees of Rs 50,000 in favor of PerDay which will be non-refundable.
  5. We will invite you to sign the contract once the premise is final with mutual consent. During the contract you will have to pay security deposit of Rs 2,00,000/- (refundable).
  6. Initiation of the process will start within 7 days after the Contract is being signed.
  7. Other expenses of Rs 9,58,400/- will be done by Franchisee for Installation of computer system, furniture, board and other equipment with consent of franchiser within 1 month.
  8. Promotion and launch offer will be planned and executed before starting the store.
  9. Initiation of store takes place and support will be provided Lifetime.

Business Model for Normal Store

  • First Year investment = Rs 16,58,000
  • Total first Year Sales earning for Franchisee @10% = Rs 11,18,100
  • Second Year Expenses: Rs 9,12,000
  • Second Year Sales earning: Rs 14,74,800
  • So second year you achieve Breakeven and take home Rs 9,34,900 /- at the end of Second Year.


  • Interest in Service Sector
  • Proficiency to Handle Business
  • Investment from Rs 12 Lakh to Rs 20 Lakh Depending Upon Area

Terms and Conditions

  • To work under brand name that is (PerDay)
  • Leave and license Agreement of premises will be in the name of PerDay for 3 to 5 years.
  • Franchisee charge to be paid in advance.
  • Total day earning has to be transferred in perday account.
  • 60 % of franchisee profit will to be paid within 15days.
  • Permission will be granted after selecting the person/organisation on the basis of first come first serve, qualification and potential.
  • Further recruitment to your store can be done by the approval of PerDay.
  • All the rights will be reserved with PerDay.
  • Only one Store will be provided in your area of Radius 1km to 1.5km.
  • Damaged products loss will be borne by both the parities.

We Will Provide

  • Strategy to start and run the Store.
  • All the vegetables and fruits for sales.
  • Training to all employees.
  • System to operations.
  • Marketing strategy/support.
  • Support on regular basis.
  • Providing upgraded system/training all the time.
For Franchisee & Investment of PerDay e-mail:director@perday.in Contact Mr G.M. Dudhat: +91-9909044557